Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Social Networks & Dating


MySpace, Hi5, FaceBook, Twitter, etc... are all avenues many choose for whatever reason. Sometimes its following a trend just like a new cell phone when it drops, everyone wants to try it. Curiosity is a large reason many of us are on these social networks. Your friends rave about it & tell you to join or a certain life situation provokes you into becoming apart of "The New Age of Technology". Social networks are all the rave now & a new way to date for some. I'm noticing this trend more and more being on a few social networks myself. You may not intend this to be your reason for joining such networks but it happens. Some are still embarrassed to say they "met" someone online. In some cases it works and in some cases it can be an issue.

I see these social networks on some level similar to or Let's face it dating sucks no matter how you do it. You win some you lose some whether in person or through technology. Some are too busy to go through the let's date for a few months and see if you're the one process. Some feel its easier 2 "date online" especially if u're not the one a simple click of the delete button will get rid of you, LOL. Some may feel depending on their location the odds are stacked against them or their options are far and few between. You can do the same things on the free social networks as you can on but you pay for a service that does all the leg work for you. Weeds out all the NO's & hands you a few YES'. On Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and the like you do the leg work and weed out the possibilities.

I'm sure many of you in the AIM/chatroom days saw chatting online with folks as just fun but now its simply a way of life. The more technology advances the more of an outlet it becomes. I personally I have "met" some wonderful ppl in my travels on social networks. I'm a constant on Facebook and Twitter. It largely started out as connecting with old buddies and Twitter was an outlet 4 my thoughts and entertainment but it spun into a whole new web of things. I'm open to possibly finding my match over the internet waves. I know a few ppl who have found their "one" and are super happy today, they give me hope, LOL. Granted there are TONS of weirdos out there but you will quickly learn how to spot them!
Dating has definitely changed since I was in the game, LMBO! I've been off the market 7 years but I have quickly adapted 2 this social network world, many times it cracks me the hell up!!!!! I couldn't make some of the stories up I could tell you! The key is be sharp on your toes and not give up too much info. Don't think everyone is nice and don't mean you any harm. Just like all of the good people online there are as many bad ones looking to come up on a scam! So be careful but most of all have fun! The key is being open 2 a possibility. You never know where your Mr./Mrs. Just 4 U is going to be found.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20 Questions

1. Do U have any New Year's resolutions? Do U think U will achieve any of them?

2. Have U ever met some1 N person U "met" online? How did it go?

3. Do U think emotional cheating is worst than physically cheating or is

cheating cheating no matter what?

4. How do U feel about "Don't Ask Don't Tell"? Are U 4 or against it? & Y?

5. Do U think U spend 2 much time on ur phone? With all the apps, games & social

networks do U want 2 deal less with actual ppl?

6. If Ur mate left their phone N ur presence would U look through it? Y or Y


7. If Jay Z ran 4 president would U vote 4 him? Y or Y not?

8. What was the best thing that happened in 2010?

9. What was the worst thing that happened in 2010?

10. What were the top 5 songs of 2010?

11. Are U happy about Chris Brown's comeback?

12. What do U think about the "beef" between Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj? Waste Of

Time Or A Worthy Battle?

13. Will Tom from Myspace come out with something new 2 battle Facebook/Twitter?

Will it work?

14. What is the point of the EXTRA middle names on Facebook? Really?

15. Do U think ppl will ever value marriage & stick it out 4 better or worse?

16. Is it easier 2 deal with a person who has an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or an

ex-spouse? What's the difference if any?

17. Burger King or Wendy's?

18. Who do U think will get married first Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian?

19. What is ur best personality trait?

20. How about the Miami Heat? LMBO