Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Loving with stipulations is harder in my opinion because you have to constantly remind yourself of what not to do. I mean from the aspect of telling yourself what you won't do in a relationship or what you will not open yourself to receiving from that person. When you have loved unconditionally and lost the next time you say "I won't do ......" That's hard to do when you find love the next time. Its hard to check your heart and mind at the same time. Only one can win and the heart usually wins. Although most don't admit it love feels great! We can get wrapped up into in so deep we forget who we are or let some things we wouldn't normal accept ride whether its good or bad. I'm guilty of doing so, so wrapped up I lost myself in it. Came out bruised & stumbling scared to love again but still open to it if it came along. Aint love grand!!!!!! You have to always be open to love no matter how guarded you are you never know who you may pass up because of "fear". Its hard don't get me wrong but you have to be willing to make the next better than the last with the realization that failure is possible. But if we all walked around love because of fear we would be fearful of everything.



    I've been writing for years but didn't publicize my work until someone introduced me to Myspace, through Myspace I started blogging, sharing bits and pieces of my work. I got a great reception from my thoughts/poetry, which gave me confidence to share more of work. I meet Lakesha Woods( and although it needed work she published my first short story. I always mention her because she gave me that finally push I needed to share my work with the world. I will always appreciate her for that.
    From that moment on I realized I put everything I have into my work, my heart and soul, hence I put My Soul On Paper. Although everything is technical now I still put pen to paper daily! The moniker has stuck with me for about 4 years now and has been shortened to some just calling me Soul which I love!


I'm so not sure what to do

Should I even mention it to you

How I feel, what I think, what to say

In fear of your response or

Your delay

Of an answer

What just happened?

Was it more than what I'm thinking

Damn sometimes my mind just goes and I don't know where to stop

Just walk away is what I've been telling myself

Its not that serious

But I still feel the same

I wish things were different

Why did I let myself fall?



I watch the clouds drift on by and I see my pain follow

My mind can't comprehend

My heart is hollow

Sometimes I cry just because it helps me release

My heart can't comprehend

My mind needs peace

Its the aftermath of the storm and I'm picking up what's left

Wish things would've turned out differently

But what we want is not always meant to be

As I restructure my foundation

I see things that I chose not to before

Thinking it won't affect me if I don't open that door

I had warning
I ignored what was presented

Sleepless nights

My mind in shambles

My heart tormented

Moving forward is my only option


LMJ ©2009



    Welcome, I know you will enjoy what I have to offer as I'm excited to have entered the "Blog World". First major blog coming in a few hours, Mama has to get her kids off to school! TTYL