Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Often times to let things go that you've been holding on to takes that one person to listen to you "air it out", it helps the process of healing. That secret you've been holding on to, that guilt, that fear, that sadness, that bitterness, that hate, that anger, that disgust or that destruction. The longer you hold it it eats at you BUT the moment someone takes the time to truly listen whether or not they have a solution/ answers you find freedom in finally getting those words out of your system. That freedom brings in all the things you never thought you could have: happiness, joy, love, courage, peace, energy, certaInty, etc...

Its a priceless gift the one who listens has no idea to the magnitude they are helping you!

*Inspired by the one who listens to me*

YOU HATE ME written 1-27-13

You hate me, I still want the best for you.
You don't like me, I still want you to experience the peace I feel.
You talk bad about me, I still love you.
You can't stand me, I still pray for you.
You think I'm weak, I'd rather share my wisdom with you then use it to destroy you.
You tell lies about me, I live a truth I don't need to speak on because I embody it everyday.
You want bad things to happen to me, If you had that much power it still wouldn't be enough.
You do all and anything you can to make me suffer, yet I smile daily.
You try to set traps for me, I relish in my freedom and I'm thankful.
You think you have won, temporary happiness.
You don't expect me to fight back, foolish on your part.
You've made me a target, never seeing you'll miss me every time.
You've put me on the top of your enemy list, not realizing the enemy is using you.

I am protected, you don't see that because hate has you blind.
I am covered, the enemy has your mind.
I am still, while you rage out of control.
I am in complete peace, you're in pieces.
I am filled with joy, you either miss it or don't know what it feels like.
I pray, you make deals with the enemy.
I live, you do the opposite by turning the word around creating more and more of it.
I love, you kill.
I give praise, pride is in your way.
I give thanks, disrespect is all you know.
I seek, you don't care to look.
I surrender, you still think you know it all.
I read His Word, you laugh at it.
I witness, you don't believe.

I rest in God while you the enemy deceives.