Sunday, February 8, 2015


You give, but you rarely receive,
If ever…
You continue to keep the door open
People come and go as they please
You make excuses for them
Talk yourself into acceptance
Drive yourself to understanding
Not realizing,

You continue to remain in the same spot,
Year after year
Shackled by fear
Why change or why leave?
Saying "Things aren't that bad"
Deception tells you the better days outweigh the sad
You love with your whole heart but are hurt giving the gift of you to the wrong ones
Blinded vision
True colors always there
Yet you don't run,
You continue to WATER DEAD THINGS with a vision of a different outcome.

Misunderstood relationships take you to the deepest low
Lying to yourself, "pretending" you don't know
That this one sided equation will never add up, it'll never grow
All signs are there
You're ignoring what you know
Emotions taking you places you fear
You coax yourself into believing "it's safe",
Stay here.
WATERING DEAD THINGS won't get you anywhere!

Tears fall endlessly
Pain hurts tremendously
You cry out "end it, Jesus, why is this happening to me?"
You question everyone,
Forgetting the key element,
The role you played!
Look in the mirror
You allowed some things to transpire
The longer you look, the picture will get clearer
WATERING DEAD THINGS does not bring forth prosperity
It breaks you down
Takes all you have
It leaves you empty.

Speaking from experience
There is a void within
Open your eyes and begin the process of planting seeds and see the change begin
The light you'll walk in will bring peace
STOP WATERING DEAD THINGS and the suffocating will cease.


It has been a minute since I have posted here, I MISS IT SOOOOOO! I have put my craft on the back burning pursuing other things, but as any artist knows the craft will come to light at all times no matter what. I hope you like it. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

PAULA DEEN: THE FACE OF............................

As the world is watching Paula Deen apologize for admitting to using the "N" word people are missing the BIGGER picture. My biggest pet peeve is people who apologize for something they intended to do. If you are unaware of the backdrop of the story here goes: Paula Deen & Company are being sued for discrimination on various levels by an ex-employee. In a deposition Deen was asked a series of questions in relation to the charges. She was asked if she had ever used the "N" word and her response was "Yes, of course" (comes off as a little nonchalant). The point in a depositions is to be truthful, just as we expect people to be truthful in life. The other point is the lawsuit is in part about racial discrimination in the workplace. SO if Deen openly admitted to using racial slurs than that may translate to it being ok to be used in her businesses. If the climate she operates in says its ok because she uses it then those under may feel it was also. From a legal standpoint that was a bad point for Deen and a good point for the ex-employee.

NOW fast forward to the deposition being broadcast and the fallout for Deen, it went fast and hard. As a black woman I was not pissed of at Deen's admittance to using the "N" word. Main reason, as a race many of us get our panties and boxers in a bunch when other races uses the "N" word but we don't get mad or feel disrespected when many of us use it as a whole. The weak excuse many of us use is we "own" the word or we are taking the power out of the word, that makes me LAUGH so loud! Power and own, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We can't even organize to get to a place to own anything and take power over our day-to-day business. Personally to own and take power over the "N" to me shows our low expectations of what we should seek as a race. I don't want to own or have power over a word that has disrespected my ancestors for decades. I'll pass!

BACK to Paula Deen, for years and years and years and years we have known other races to use the "N" word among many other words amongst themselves to describe us. How many "N" words were used when Obama got elected then re-elected? BILLIONS I bet! How many times have we been called the "N" word when we have achieved greatness, when we have committed crimes, when we were the smartest in school, when we are in the workplace or when we stand up for ourselves? Good or bad that word is used on us. How many times has someone as visible and popular as Paula Deen admitted to using the "N" word and not regretful that she told the truth in her deposition? NONE that I can think of.

I'M NOT saying Paula is right for using the word, I'm being realistic. This is not a perfect world. Discrimination happens on many levels in all walks of life. Bringing down the force of Hercules on her doesn't correct anything. It simply makes those who use such terms use them more privately and will lie about their usage of any racial slurs. The force that is being brought to Paula Deen I should feel be brought toward the rappers and other black public figures who use it so freely. I bet if you cut money from black celebrities for usage of racial slurs the climate will change. It won't erase it but it will change. Let's take Lil Wayne for instance, he used Emmit Till in his lyrics which offended many including myself. Many artist felt he used it as a punch line and didn't mean to offend anyone, WHAT?????????? He's drinking too much sizzurp! How would you not think people were offended. Emmitt Till was beat to death for whistling at a white woman (so they say). As a woman I don't want my vagina beat to death! The line was disrespectful to the Till family, Emmit's memory and to women. Lil Wayne didn't receive any fall out until people spoke up and most of those people were not people who brought his albums. That was the only reason he lost his Dew endorsement with Pepsi. What about other rappers or celebrities who use other discriminatory slurs no one is backing out of their endorsement deals, dropping them like hot potatoes. Even athletes aren't penalized for slurs as harsh as Deen is. They apologize, they get fined and we forget.

We are in world of double standards, sad  to say but that's the reality. I feel Deen is being burned alive. I don't know if she's regretful for ever using the term or for putting herself out there. I haven"t watched her apologies in a whole. I saw one that she said "I is what I is and I'm not going to change", I didn't catch what that was in reference to. She has since hired Judy Smith (whom is the inspiration behind the hit show Scandal), now I'm not sure if that is a tactic being Judy is black or not but she clearly is great at what she does. I have never seen an episode of Scandal but I've read a few things on Judy Smith. If you want to beat the biggest war in your life you want the best. I'm sure Paula has enough money left to pay her. There is a special character about people who "defend" those who are clearly wrong. Not for me to judge I just know I can't defend what's wrong. Paula would lose all her money if I represented here, LOL.

I do have empathy for Deen considering how she's "losing" right now when that same wrath is not put forth to our own when the same situation happens. My opinion is just one amongst a millions. We will see how this all pans out. My opinion is largely based on seeing blacks be super upset with others using the "N" word but never being mad at their own for using it! Main reason we are so far behind as a race than further ahead like we should be. I don't use the word, I don't like to talk to people when they use the word. The saga continues..................................

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Often times to let things go that you've been holding on to takes that one person to listen to you "air it out", it helps the process of healing. That secret you've been holding on to, that guilt, that fear, that sadness, that bitterness, that hate, that anger, that disgust or that destruction. The longer you hold it it eats at you BUT the moment someone takes the time to truly listen whether or not they have a solution/ answers you find freedom in finally getting those words out of your system. That freedom brings in all the things you never thought you could have: happiness, joy, love, courage, peace, energy, certaInty, etc...

Its a priceless gift the one who listens has no idea to the magnitude they are helping you!

*Inspired by the one who listens to me*

YOU HATE ME written 1-27-13

You hate me, I still want the best for you.
You don't like me, I still want you to experience the peace I feel.
You talk bad about me, I still love you.
You can't stand me, I still pray for you.
You think I'm weak, I'd rather share my wisdom with you then use it to destroy you.
You tell lies about me, I live a truth I don't need to speak on because I embody it everyday.
You want bad things to happen to me, If you had that much power it still wouldn't be enough.
You do all and anything you can to make me suffer, yet I smile daily.
You try to set traps for me, I relish in my freedom and I'm thankful.
You think you have won, temporary happiness.
You don't expect me to fight back, foolish on your part.
You've made me a target, never seeing you'll miss me every time.
You've put me on the top of your enemy list, not realizing the enemy is using you.

I am protected, you don't see that because hate has you blind.
I am covered, the enemy has your mind.
I am still, while you rage out of control.
I am in complete peace, you're in pieces.
I am filled with joy, you either miss it or don't know what it feels like.
I pray, you make deals with the enemy.
I live, you do the opposite by turning the word around creating more and more of it.
I love, you kill.
I give praise, pride is in your way.
I give thanks, disrespect is all you know.
I seek, you don't care to look.
I surrender, you still think you know it all.
I read His Word, you laugh at it.
I witness, you don't believe.

I rest in God while you the enemy deceives.


Sunday, November 25, 2012


As I sit here consumed with various thoughts, change has been on my mind a lot lately. When one starts to find themselves, change happens. One day you wake up and think "something has to give". Often times whom you work toward being is the person who's already been inside of you, you've just been too afraid to let them exist and be seen. Now some folks are too busy covering up who they are with who they want others to see them as, impostors or as some call them, fake. They operate on another level of change, they want to be something they are not and work hard at perfecting that person. With change comes truth: good, bad, ugly and sometimes hideous. The success or failure of this journey is how you handle that truth.

When you start on this journey know that you will lose and gain along the way. You can't prepare yourself for it because you don't know what or who will fall into either category. Take it in, evaluate it and let it go. Not everyone is going to see your mission of change as a plus especially if they're gaining off of who you are at the moment in anyway. Some folks will like to keep you stagnant if it’s getting them ahead.

I will fill you in ahead of time this journey won’t be easy BUT if you can survive the ups and downs of it all, its TRULY worth it! You’ll have highs, lows and days you want to give up BUT if you’re focused on the end result what happens in between won’t be an issue.

Whatever your reason to start this journey is yours and yours alone, it’s not for anyone to understand or for them to like.

Personally speaking from my own experience I knew I wasn’t happy with where I was or with many people who I had in my life so I had to make a change. I started slow just letting people eliminate themselves or just distancing myself from them. That only worked for so long. I ignored many things until I was forced to get things on track, it became an issue of sustaining my mental stability over all else. One’s sanity is precious and priceless. I had to stop beating myself up for others shortcomings when it came to what they meant to me and who they were to me. That day I realized I’d had some folks around way too long, dead weight. They were slowly chipping away at who I was and where I was going.They weren’t moving and I was trying to but keeping them in my life was keeping me at a slow pace, loyalty misplaced. Tyrese said it best “Loyalty has an expiration date”. It was until I heard him break it down that I understood what I had been doing for so many years. Being loyal to people who didn't know what it truly meant to be loyal. I trusted people for all the wrong reasons. I called people friends for all the wrong reasons. A lot of my mistakes were because I was a goldfish in a shark tank thinking nothing would happen to me, largely naive. I always thought "why did people do certain things to me when all I was was good to them and did good for them?" Many years and plenty of hard lessons later I figured it out. There was blame on both sides, me for allowing it to happen and them for not knowing how to treat real friendship and some who knew only how to take all they could with giving the least, those are usually selfish people. Jealousy also played a role in the many hard lessons I learned. when folks are jealousy of you they will either bash you endlessly or become your "friend" and break you down from within so they can shine at your expense. I gained a lot of "friends" that way. That's a whole other blog to be written, let me get back on point here.

Change has always been constant for me whether good or bad. I had some times where the change I was going through was doing all the things I knew I shouldn't be doing but it was so easy to do I just kept on. I was DEEP in that area of change for some time. I got tired of it and had burst of good change in between the bad, where I stayed focus on something and went full steam ahead. With change you either go all in or you can easily fall back into what you were doing before. I tried good change but still kept the bad influences around thinking one wouldn't effect the other. The reality of that was an eye opener for me and drastic change later happened. First, I started to change the environment I spent most of my time in. I know its hard for some people who grow up in neighborhoods that are riddled with everything bad and they feel they can't get out, don't believe that.You can make it happen if you honestly want to. I lived in some rough neighborhoods but I worked in the best of neighborhoods. I slept where hearing gunshots was common, addicts were everywhere and death was constant but I worked where celebrities shopped, speaking properly was natural and everyone worked toward progress. I always knew there was opportunity out there and I never let my environment cloud that picture. Playing both sides after some years got to be too much work and I decided to relocate. I wanted a constant pace of progress. I felt like I was drowning in the area I lived in and needed to breathe and have a peace of mind.

Once I made that drastic change boy did the flood gates open to who remained and who quickly disappeared. the process of elimination was in full swing. With my relocation I lost a lot of "friends", I can't really answer for them and why they just "disappeared" but I have my theories. I went from hanging with certain people almost everyday for years to not even a phone call. In the beginning it hurt but ultimately it needed to be done. I was placed on a path and the only way for me to understand it and see it for what it was I had to be put on the outside of it looking in. I had to be isolated in a way that showed me and in many ways forced me to see what I see and know now. Change can be by force or by choice. My change was a mixture of both.

The place I'm in today I know many don't understand and feel I'm something I'm not. To those people I say "you never really knew me", PERIOD! When people don't get your change their first response usually is "you've changed", they say it in a way where its meant as an insult or demeaning. If your change is positive and progressive in a way you're in a better space whether mentally, physically, emotionally and or spiritually that's a wonderful thing and should not be looked down on. My change was a combination of all of the above and till this day its received with mixed reviews from certain people. All I can do is laugh for the most part because a lot of the confusion is because my attention is no longer on them anymore. They no longer have a tie on my time, my mental space or a connection where I put them before me.

I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone or come across as I'm better than anyone because of where I am now. God gets every bit of credit for that. I just finally chose to walk on the path He laid for me. He's been waiting for me for a long time now. I finally made it. There are still hurdles but I jump over them with ease with an occasional stumble but they get far and few between. I just get back up and find a better way to get over them when I do stumble.

Yes, I've changed, major in some ways and minor in others. if I was doing the same things today at 35 that I was doing when I was 18 or 22, I'd want to slap the piss out of myself. I knew a lot at those tender ages but I KNOW a whole lot more. My experiences have been all over the scale and each one has made me who I am today. I used to be mad about my experiences but  over time I've learned I'm blessed to have had them because I appreciate where I am now so much more because I am NOT where I was! So when people say I've changed I thank God and chuckle at the naysayers. Many who are mad about my change could not have walked a mile in my shoes and came out how I did. I could have turned into the bitter, angry, scorned, most self destructive person ever because of what I went through and the people I have dealt with BUT I still smile and am lead by love, simply because God made me strong enough to handle it all and I'm proud I didn't let it destroy me. Change is good!

For anyone reading this thinking of taking that journey but scared, I urge you to take small steps. You'll get there TRUST me you will! Don't worry about people trying to discourage you, for many of them that's their job. Don't give them any power over your destiny for greatness! Move forward, lean on God and pray! I'll see you at the finish line!

© 11-25-12

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have been following @MySoulOnPaper on Twitter for months now, and I have to say her tweets are very inspiring. Her words are realistic and I totally related to her advice, it has motivated me, and has definitely enlightened me on many levels. I reached out to her because I wanted to know what got her to this point, I wanted to know and share her journey as to better understand this beautiful woman.

Please read, enjoy and support her………..

Where did the name MySoulOnPaper come from?

Many people ask me this question all the time. Years ago when Myspace was big I created it. I wanted a name that described me and something that was personal, I’ve always written so the name describes my writing style….

I put my soul on paper. I write from my heart so the name fit and it stuck ever since.

In 2006 , I moved to Indiana from New York, I was homesick. I wanted to reconnect with my friends. I also used MySpace as an outlet because I was dealing with a lot personally. Like I said I’ve always written but putting it out for “the world” to see was a first for me through MySpace. One social network led to another. By the time I made it to Twitter, I had a BlogSpot; I had my FB fan page all inspired by me being on Twitter. I make so much of my life public because I wish I had someone like me in my corner when I was going through life.

I want to show others especially women where mistakes can be avoided and to let them know I feel their pain because I endured that pain. I put myself out there to help & inspire others.

What is your objective and what are your future plans?

My objective is to create open dialogue with people, so that they feel it’s OK to speak about their tribulations. I grew up in a family of secrets and non-talkers. Expressing yourself was off limits. You know that famous saying “what’s done in this house stays in this house”, well that’s very damaging to many of us as adults.

As black people, many of us are not taught that expressing weakness is good, because we’re strong. We can’t complain because we don’t know pain like those before us. Main reason why people suffer depression and other issues in silence. I saw how that mentally crippled me so I slowly started sharing. In sharing I saw I was helping others.

My objective is to reach as many as I can and do whatever God has for me to do down the line with. I would like to start a mentoring program for women, write a few books and continue to do what God has gifted me with.

Right now I’m in the preparation stage for the platform I will be in according to God’s plan. The short term objective is to continue to share and plant a seed that will blossom in abundance.

What advice do you have for single Christian women, women who may be struggling between the temptations of the world and focusing on a relationship with God?

My main advice will be KEEP PUSHING forward! Don’t let ANYONE distract you from what you know in your heart!

LET the Holy Spirit guide you! SUBMIT to God and your commitment 1000%! If you deeply understand the value of having everlasting life, making decisions in this world become easy, at least for me they do. We’re human and we make mistakes but this life is temporary. Since becoming a Christian I’ve noticed how much people try to interrupt your walk. The manipulation is crazy. My previous experiences in life have helped me see the tricks early on. The devil is always busy and he usually presents himself in things and people you like/love.

As a single Christian woman men prey on you in large numbers. Be careful who you interact with on these social networks as well. Christian women, who are early in their walk in strengthening their relationship with God, be super careful! There are men who see your “immaturity” as an opportunity. Men of God who are not acting in the spirit will try to get you off your walk. You’re thinking you’ve found a good man and their goal is to get you off your mark. If you are strong in your faith and trust your spirit allow it to lead you.

Back to the social networks, there are many men preying on women. Since most of our interactions are on social networks/online dating these days we have to be super careful. They will take information you share and use it against you. DON’T worry about how old you are, how long you’ve been single, your past decisions with men and who you’ve chosen in the past. Trust God and allow him to mold you. Often times if not all the time we as women set ourselves up for failure because we make decisions with our “world” mind vs. with our spiritual mind. Pray, seek guidance from God and pray some more.

What personal information past – present are you willing to share?

Great question, I ask myself this often. I’ve shared some of my story with my battle with major depression, being a single parent, my journey as a Christian woman, temptations and dealing with men BUT there is so much more. I never intended to share certain things that I have shared through Twitter or my FB fan page but something gets sparked in me and the greater good outweighs how I feel about it. The benefits outweigh my wanting to not reveal. At this point I’m open to share about 90% of my past and present. I’m also dealing with a lot that I’m learning about myself so as I deal with it I may share it. Other people’s pain and agony also inspire me to share my life with them so they can see I’ve been where they have and I made it. I try to tell them I can help them get to where I am they just have to not want to give up.

What has the journey been like with maintaining your relationship with God, how do you stay grounded?

This journey has been AMAZING! I’ve learned so much about myself and that has brought me closer to God. Proverbs 22:6 describes me, Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. I grew up with God in my life. I always knew He was real and I always called on him but I allowed the world to rule my life for years. I thought I knew what was best for me. HA!!!! I was so wrong. I had many warnings throughout my life, many which I ignored so I dealt with the consequences BUT God never let me completely destroy myself because He had a purpose for me He was just waiting for me to stop fighting him. Stop looking to people of the world for comfort.

Once I submitted myself and asked him into my life He has given me such peace. I’m still learning daily and He amazes me daily. I stay grounded through fellowship, prayer, going to church and my hunger to allow God to work my life. I fellowship with many people I’ve met through social networks who I KNOW God has placed into my life to keep me on Him. I’m in a wonderful church called The Journey, which is fitting because I’ve been on one and I’m on a bigger one now. I read my bible often, I pray and I thank God daily for his love.

Looking back do you have any regrets or advice for your younger self?

I don’t regret anything because it has led me to this point. I used to ask WHY me all the time. I used to ask what I have done to deal with so much pain and hurt. When I stopped asking why me and why not me I truly understood all I went through was for what I am to do now. I’m OK with where I’ve been because it allows me to embrace where I am going and appreciate it to the fullest. I’ve been blessed in many areas so I know from many of the decisions I’ve made in the past I could be far worse off BUT God knew my heart and never let me go. What would I tell my younger self, that list is too long

BUT one thing I would say is don’t be afraid to do what you know is right no matter how much is against you, don’t let anyone crush your spirit or dreams.

How did you get so many followers and likes on FB – do you think social network has made more of an impact with the message you are trying to get out there?

A lot of my followers on my FB page, The Soul Xperience, are people who know me personally as well as people who were with me on Myspace. Me being me and open to speak the truth and share keep my page growing. Those who follow me on Twitter also relate deeply to what I tweet. I’m not afraid to share what I have because it’s my truth, you can’t judge me or deter me from sharing it because I’ve made peace with it. I believe most want to do what I do but they’re not ready so they follow me to see how & what I do/did to get me to this place.


In closing I’m just one person willing to put herself on the line to help the many. I don’t do it to gain anything, I simply like helping people. Early in my life people took advantage of that BUT now I know how to protect myself from being “abused”. Once I release my entire story people will be like wow, I would’ve never known. I feel obligated to do what I do because so many are selfish and care only about them. I care for people too much to watch them destroy themselves because they feel no one understands them.

I know what it feels like to feel alone, like no one cares, like no one loves you, like why do people hate your or dislike you when all you do is good, like why can’t you find love, why aren’t you where you want to be in life, insecure, depressed, suicidal, wanting to give up, thinking God has abandoned you, etc… The list goes on.

My purpose is so much bigger than me. Sometimes I get in my own way but God finds a way for me to let out what I need to let out because he knows the message will be received. If more Christians talked about their struggles they could reach the unreachable. Christians are not perfect and the more they give off that perception the more this younger generation will ignore God and His purpose. Whatever you want in life you have to sacrifice something for it. Today so many focus on the things in the world that are temporary more than they focus on what they need spiritually. Most don’t understand what they need to truly make them happy. Being a Christian and following God’s commandments are truly easy; all He asks is that you sacrifice something for Him.

Living good and doing what’s right is easy when you stop trying to please the world. In the end the world will not be with you. In 2010 I got what I believed to be my final warning from God; I was in a car accident that many don’t walk away from. In the moment I walked away from my totaled car with 2 scratches I KNEW I had to get right with Him because this was it. Many people afterward couldn’t believe I survived after looking at pictures of my car BUT GOD had a plan for me. I got off the path of his plan years ago but at 33 I got back on it. I haven’t been the perfect Christian BUT I’m so far that going back can’t work for me because I feel uncomfortable. I can’t do what I used to because my spirit wrestles with me, not a good feeling. I don’t like the feeling I get when I disappoint God so it pushes me to stay focused.

I am proof that we make life harder than what it needs to be BUT when you allow God in your life it becomes easier in areas BUT believe and KNOW it is harder in others because now you’ve made the devil mad. He’ll send forces to destroy you now but the deeper you get in God the easier it will be for you to stand strong against any of his attacks! God loves you more than anything or anyone so TRUST he will protect you but you have to let Him and do the work He needs you to do.

Being a Christian isn’t boring as some make it out to be. People say oh you’re a Christian you can’t do this or that. What they don’t understand is that we get enjoyment in a different way. Spiritually we are fulfilled. We don’t need to do things of the world to enjoy life. We can listen to various genres of music, we can party and we can do other things, the difference is we just do them differently. We know not to let those things influence us to do things that are not of God. I listen to rap, Nas is my favorite rapper, I can go to a club and just dance and enjoy being around friends, I can hang around non-Christians BUT I don’t let them influence me. I have control over me. I can’t blame anyone for decisions I make. If you don’t drink, smoke or refrain from sex don’t feel pressure or do those things because others are doing them. They won’t pay for your actions, you will. If you don’t feel strong enough to be in certain situations DON’T test yourself or even tempt yourself. I did that a few times, testing myself to see if I could resist and failed! Just ask God to work on you to overcome. You may be strengthened in some areas and function well but other areas you just have to leave alone all together.

You will notice also people will disconnect from you, distance themselves or even talk about you. People talk about me all the time. Those who knew me in my old life even fellow Christians. Some feel I think I’m better than them because I live my life this way or look down on me because I’m open about my struggles as a Christian or because I don’t rant off scriptures, etc…  I don’t pay them any mind because I’ve experienced God and NO ONE can tell me different. I KNOW what he’s done for me. I’m no more saved or less saved than the next Christian. I don’t judge others walk BUT others will judge mine. I leave the judging to God. DON’T let other Christians distract you either! Some of them continue to look at your old life vs. looking at you now. So what you’re a single mother, so what you haven’t been married, so what you have multiple fathers for your children, etc… God loves you regardless! He’s focused on the reformed you not what you were or what you were doing because He forgave you for your sins, the reason He died on the cross so that you can find your way to His Father through Him!

Some people will never let you live down your mistakes or choices you’ve made in your life, DON’T let them keep you from God! That’s the devil working not God in their lives! Don’t let anyone keep you from God if you want to have a relationship with Him!

Even after answering these questions I feel like I’ve released so much and feel freer for doing so.

I hope I’ve helped someone through sharing. God bless you all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today, November 7th, I'm grateful I can say I'm complete.
I've received one of the best gifts God has given me.
Thanks for speaking what was on your heart and for seeing what God had for us.
In Him we trust.
Stepping up to be the man He knows you are and being the man for me.
I'm also thankful for the wisdom in knowing ONLY God could have sent you.
Also for me not dismissing you and taking that leap of faith WITH you!
I've never been happier and my spirit never at such grand peace than when it comes to us.
My heart smiles everyday when we connect.
As my friend I know you'll always support and guide me.
As my husband you'll always love and take care of me.
As a man of God, you know we'll never fail with Him as the head of our lives.
We go to Him first, together.
I'm proud to be yours and you mine.
We move in faith!
Fear does not live here.
I vow to be your friend and your wife.
I will honor, support, comfort and perfect the position God has given me in your life.
I know love because of you.
From this day forth we are one.

Thankful and blessed for the inspiration I got which created this piece.