Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YOU HATE ME written 1-27-13

You hate me, I still want the best for you.
You don't like me, I still want you to experience the peace I feel.
You talk bad about me, I still love you.
You can't stand me, I still pray for you.
You think I'm weak, I'd rather share my wisdom with you then use it to destroy you.
You tell lies about me, I live a truth I don't need to speak on because I embody it everyday.
You want bad things to happen to me, If you had that much power it still wouldn't be enough.
You do all and anything you can to make me suffer, yet I smile daily.
You try to set traps for me, I relish in my freedom and I'm thankful.
You think you have won, temporary happiness.
You don't expect me to fight back, foolish on your part.
You've made me a target, never seeing you'll miss me every time.
You've put me on the top of your enemy list, not realizing the enemy is using you.

I am protected, you don't see that because hate has you blind.
I am covered, the enemy has your mind.
I am still, while you rage out of control.
I am in complete peace, you're in pieces.
I am filled with joy, you either miss it or don't know what it feels like.
I pray, you make deals with the enemy.
I live, you do the opposite by turning the word around creating more and more of it.
I love, you kill.
I give praise, pride is in your way.
I give thanks, disrespect is all you know.
I seek, you don't care to look.
I surrender, you still think you know it all.
I read His Word, you laugh at it.
I witness, you don't believe.

I rest in God while you the enemy deceives.



  1. Well written & expressed as usual! Never give them the reaction they seek, let your happiness irritate them more

  2. Thanks for reading Len! Appreciate you! You are so right!

  3. Very well stated poem. I love anything on the "don't let them steal your joy" tip.

  4. I like your juxtapositions in the lines.

    1. I appreciate the comment greatly, one writer to the next.

  5. TRUTH!!! This is how we should live our lives daily as we are always under attack. I love it. Good job.

    1. Thank u & I completely agree. It took me some time 2 get to this point but I'm here. This poem iS a reflection of my growth. I appreciate u 4 reading my work.

  6. Again Woman of God, thank you for the invitation to read this. I am blown away. Wow! God is awesome. All those beautiful qualities you gain and exude when you rest in God. However, the opposite person is striving and hateful. Amen!

    1. Amen! Glad it moved you so!!!!! God gets ALL the glory! For He put those words in my spirit.

  7. Absolutely Awesome! I loved it sis! Thank you so much for sharing! Continue traveling on the safe tracks of love...while your haters derail because of hatred! Love you 2 Life! Keep Writing! :-)

  8. Go 'head now! I love the give & take in this poem. The contrasts def make this work...good job!

  9. I was touched by your poem. I'm so glad someone shared your blog with me. Peace and blessings!

  10. Thank U 4 reading Hakim, appreciate the comment.

    Dearencourager I appreciate u And the time you took to read.

    Thanks Darryl!

    I love you all and God Bless U ALL!

  11. I love the spin on this...thought provoking!

  12. Although I am not a big fan of poetry, I've enjoyed this immensely. I can honestly say that this was well thought-through and creatively written. Good Job!

  13. @ Ashley & creativelygifted thank you ladies for reading and your comment.

    @ Deniro4life, I greatly appreciate your honesty, time reading and your comment. Its based on a personal experience so there it was definitely thought-through. Thanks again.

  14. Thanks @Poetryinmotion! I appreciate you reading.