Sunday, February 8, 2015


You give, but you rarely receive,
If ever…
You continue to keep the door open
People come and go as they please
You make excuses for them
Talk yourself into acceptance
Drive yourself to understanding
Not realizing,

You continue to remain in the same spot,
Year after year
Shackled by fear
Why change or why leave?
Saying "Things aren't that bad"
Deception tells you the better days outweigh the sad
You love with your whole heart but are hurt giving the gift of you to the wrong ones
Blinded vision
True colors always there
Yet you don't run,
You continue to WATER DEAD THINGS with a vision of a different outcome.

Misunderstood relationships take you to the deepest low
Lying to yourself, "pretending" you don't know
That this one sided equation will never add up, it'll never grow
All signs are there
You're ignoring what you know
Emotions taking you places you fear
You coax yourself into believing "it's safe",
Stay here.
WATERING DEAD THINGS won't get you anywhere!

Tears fall endlessly
Pain hurts tremendously
You cry out "end it, Jesus, why is this happening to me?"
You question everyone,
Forgetting the key element,
The role you played!
Look in the mirror
You allowed some things to transpire
The longer you look, the picture will get clearer
WATERING DEAD THINGS does not bring forth prosperity
It breaks you down
Takes all you have
It leaves you empty.

Speaking from experience
There is a void within
Open your eyes and begin the process of planting seeds and see the change begin
The light you'll walk in will bring peace
STOP WATERING DEAD THINGS and the suffocating will cease.


It has been a minute since I have posted here, I MISS IT SOOOOOO! I have put my craft on the back burning pursuing other things, but as any artist knows the craft will come to light at all times no matter what. I hope you like it.