Friday, July 30, 2010


Lately I've come across many stories about people allowing/having issues in their relationship(s) because of technology. With all of these social networks and new ways of communicating via cellphone people are doing less "talking" versus typing. Relationships are being established through these new ways of technology. Many find it easier to type what they have to say versus having to verbalize it. You may not have an issue expressing your feelings but with many lifestyles today time is of the essence so typing is easier. I'm not saying having particular conversations via technology is better but just easier at times. Use your own judgment because you know your mate/friend better than anyone.

For instance if you're in a relationship and you as well as your mate are on Facebook depending on your relationship level it may be a good idea not to be friends with each other. Some people take out of content what their purpose is being on some of these social networks. I've seen marriages break up because of "airing" out too much of their business. I've seen relationships break up because ppl are friends with ex's or just because they "liked" a status of a person their mate doesn't like. I've seen friendships end because people take another's status personal or think they have been disrespected in some way. In any relationship too much of anything could be damaging so in my opinion its safe to keep things seperate so you don't create any unnecessary drama. Although one would say if your relationship is solid none of this would effect it, that is true to a point but you will never know what the heart, ego, pride, emotions, guilt, or "just because" will make any human being do.

Back to what your purpose is for being on such sites, you have to know why you are on such sites and stick to that plan if you are in a relationship. For instance when MySpace came out it was the in thing to do, everyone and their Mama was on it! You could be "friends" with your favorite celebrity, network, find friends, make new friends, blog, & get hooked on all the new apps they created but then Myspace got too reckless for some. Thus many switched to Facebook where it was more adult and private. You only accept people you know which makes it easier to navigate your friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. Some get out of hand on Facebook too but being you know these people you know some of how they operate. Some also network on Facebook and make added "friends" which is fine if you stay in line of your purpose.  Then comes along Twitter, (LOL, its so fun), which to me is entertainment as well as networking. It is also an area to get motivation depending on who you follow. I dont suggest you get on all of these applications unless you are networking. Marketing/Promoting and networking via social networks is the new age.

Back to the subject at hand don't let social networks kill your friendship/relationship. In any relationship you need individuality aas well as a partnership. Be aware of the difference and don't cross the line of disrespect of your mate. Just because you have a platform to tell all your business doesn't mean you have to and further more doesn't mean everyone wants to listen. A relationship is between 2 people not 2 people and everyone on a social network!!!



  1. I think that two people in a relationship can also be Facebook friends, but like you said, they have to be careful about not airing each other's dirty laundry. I've seen way too many Facebook posts that are obviously TMI.