Monday, June 20, 2011


Life will show you one lesson after another
and it's up to you to discover
the decisions in which you with learn from
Never think the path in which you have chosen is one you have to succumb
A friend often said to me some things can be chalked up to being "young, dumb, and full of c**"
Most times you're following your heart
Often times taking you on journeys' that were false from the start
Love will break your heart more than one time
its up to you to shine
after the heartache is over
You'll start the process over again
Instead of learning to be your "own friend"
Figuring out the lessons you should learn from what you've just gone through
but without much thought you carry on with someone else thinking "this is new"
it will be better
Not realizing you're bound to repeat the same pattern
Loving one's self is as important as loving someone else
No one can fill your voids if you don't know why they're there in the first place
No matter how much you pretend on Facebook, Twitter or even Myspace
Addressing your issue head on will be the only way out of your what damage may be waiting for you
Being "someone else" will ultimately come back to haunt you
You can only pretend but for so long or act as if NOTHING happened
You'll become part of a world you won't even realize you're trapped in
Be true to thine own self
NO MATTER what pain, emotions, or people you have to get out of your life
In the end you either deal with yourself
or be dealt with
To be more frank, take control or lose it.
You decide...............

©1999, 2011

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