Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart Ready, Mind Unsteady

You feel it
You want it
But so confused about it
Its something we all crave
And daydream about
Planning and plotting of what's to be
Still unclear
Huge uncertainty
When you find THE ONE you think
Such astronomical possibilities
Sometimes so focused on the what
Not letting things just be
Lingers in places you allow it
Turning sunny days into thunderous showers
Before you know it you've convinced yourself to abandon ship
Leave it alone
You're not emotionally equipped
Willing to stay in your comfort zone
Its familiar territory
No matter how hard you try
What tactics you use
The heart beats
Continuously for and because of love
It completes your existence
Illuminates your presence
Dominates your mental
Trying to get you to surrender
You can only fight it but for so long
Its the partner you've been waiting for
The one you smile for
The one you push forward for
The one who you receive entirely
The one gives your heart purpose
No doubt
No fear
Nothing is impossible


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