Thursday, July 26, 2012


Remember when you wanted to do something and your parent(s) said no, you may have responded "but all my friends are doing it or going", their response was "if everybody jumped off of a bridge would you do it to?" You'd be mad but they had a valid point. Would you jump if everybody did? I think not! So much today is being done because everyone is doing it. More people are not thinking for themselves and just accepting things "just because". Far too many things are becoming "fades" that shouldn't be. If your parent(s) allowed you to do everything everybody else was doing where would you be? If as parents today we let our kids do everything we see others do where are they going to be? *I'll wait* Let go of not wanting to hurt people's feelings or not seem "open minded" or like the "uncool" person. NOT everything should be tolerated same as not everything should be accepted. If we accepted black on black crime we can't complain about how many funerals we attend. If we accepted teenage pregnancy we can't complain about how many HS dropouts there are or how many of them end up on welfare. If we accepted drug and alcohol abuse then we can't complain about the crime rate jumping or the rise in HIV/AIDS #'s. If we accepted mistresses/side chicks then we can't complain about the behaviors that they carry on with(ex: Joseline). If we accepted some behaviors of men and women then we can't complain about the break up/down of families. The list goes on and on. Its not about being judgmental its about understanding if we accept certain things that everyone feels is ok because a majority/"everyone" is doing it than we have 2 understand what else we are accepting and allowing into the dynamics of the world. Just because its being done doesn't mean its right & that we should accept it. Think about it. This in no means targets any1 person or group. I respect every1 as a person but that doesn't mean I accept/condone what you do & vice versa. Many may be offended by what I'm writing, I could easily say I don't care if you are BUT what I will say is, you can choose to be offended if you want to, that's your prerogative BUT that in no ways changes my thought/opinion.

Society wants to "accept" certain things because its good business or because some celebrity says its cool. The minute ONE person says they disagree they are deemed the "bad guy", *blank stare*. Its cool to accept everything & anything BUT wrong 2 express ur disagreement with it!!!!! "Where they do that at?" In my opinion that's making a lot of people too damn sensitive. Its cool to agree with all that's wrong but the minute someone expresses they think its wrong, the masses go crazy, politicians stepping in where its not their place, churches stepping in where its not their place, confusing more folks than helping. Everything isn't black and white but there are many things that are. Deal with that, its reality! Folks get a lot of flack because they don't condone/accept gay marriage/women in high offices or in the workplace/homosexuality/a particular races/immigrants in America/a black man as president or _________(fill in the blanks), that's their choice not 2 accept those things. You can't tell a person what to accept and not accept. You also can't bash them because they feel a way about something that you feel differently about. What you can comment on is how their message is relayed. I don't condone hate in any form or fashion but I do respect people's opinions, whether I like them or not, it's their opinion, PERIOD. I don't want/expect people to agree with me all the time, that's boring. Things don't change/get better in many cases if everybody agrees, especially depending on what's being agreed on. People are going to be who they are and say what they want for whatever reason(s) they are/choose. That's life BUT don't feel you have to be quiet about it because you may offend someone. If Malcolm X/MLK Jr./Jesus or any other leader kept quiet because they were worried about offending people where would we be without the great things that came out of them being the voice for a people? *I'll wait* There is a way to relay your opinion without offending anyone BUT realistically someone will be offended, simple reason, YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE. *I don't operate in the people pleasing business anyway*

For those on the side of dislike(those who don't care for people voicing their opinions against or about what they are doing) don't abuse your position so that you deem others haters/racist/simple minded/judgmental because they don't accept/condone what you do, that's their choice and it doesn't make you right or them wrong. Its make you two people that don't agree. Granted some operate in hate with their opinions BUT everyone doesn't hate you or what you do, they don't agree with it, BIG DIFFERENCE! You can't have it both ways. None of those things may be true about a person but in order to make yourself look right you have to make them look bad, NOW who's the simple minded/judgmental one? I'm just saying. I don't agree with a lot going on in this world BUT I won't back down from my feelings/opinions because someone's feelings are going to be hurt, such is life! Deal with it. Last time I check we all had a freedom of speech/freedom 2 think how we wish/freedom 2 follow those thoughts & whatever our belief.

*Think about it*



  1. Loved this. I absolutely agree with you. Well said.

  2. All I've ever wished to say, u did it instead.