Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today, November 7th, I'm grateful I can say I'm complete.
I've received one of the best gifts God has given me.
Thanks for speaking what was on your heart and for seeing what God had for us.
In Him we trust.
Stepping up to be the man He knows you are and being the man for me.
I'm also thankful for the wisdom in knowing ONLY God could have sent you.
Also for me not dismissing you and taking that leap of faith WITH you!
I've never been happier and my spirit never at such grand peace than when it comes to us.
My heart smiles everyday when we connect.
As my friend I know you'll always support and guide me.
As my husband you'll always love and take care of me.
As a man of God, you know we'll never fail with Him as the head of our lives.
We go to Him first, together.
I'm proud to be yours and you mine.
We move in faith!
Fear does not live here.
I vow to be your friend and your wife.
I will honor, support, comfort and perfect the position God has given me in your life.
I know love because of you.
From this day forth we are one.

Thankful and blessed for the inspiration I got which created this piece.