Monday, August 30, 2010


Always there when needed

At any hour of any day

Discussing all subjects from happy times to why they're feeling a certain way

Most times the first person they reach out to

Never once thinking they will deny you

Building a bond stronger than most relationships

But at the same time living your day to day as if they don't exist

At no time afraid of being judged

During every encounter they are shown love

Always perceived properly

When parts of them respond selfishly

Taking no thought of the emotions involved

Here today gone tomorrow

Oddly a dependency forms

Its like a drug one needs to remain normal

A cycle one has to stop entering

Its a false sense of what you mean to them

Certain treatment is expected

When not received a huge feeling of rejection

Takes its place

Always a giver rarely receiving

Content with your purpose

Not once disbelieving

You're valuable

Just completely overstanding



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