Friday, August 20, 2010


Don’t you hate having the emotions but can’t put them on paper

Thoughts swirling around your head, you’re trying to help them escape but

All you can do is think in layers

One on top of two on top of three on top of four

The more you struggle the harder it is to process

The more you want to express that emotion the more you stress

Because it’s just not flowing how you want it to

Mind so clouded a tornado wind couldn’t clear it

You try and let go of the thought

Move onto something else

The emotion is so heavy you want to share it; you need it to be felt

It’s therapeutic for your soul

Creating is what you do, it never gets old

It’s timeless

I write because I feel

I live through the pen and paper

The purest part of me

Is not what you see but what you read

Jay Z made the song cry but my words can make you cry

As I convey my emotions line by line

Drawing you in so deep you physically feel me

Your SOUL is so caught up you have no desire to be free!


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