Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My heart craves you
You're constantly on my mind
Yet SO out of reach
You move me to do for others
You give me hope
Yet I've had and lost you too many times
You make me smile
You make me laugh
Yet sometimes I recognize you
You keep me motivated
You have me singing loud in the shower
You make me want to continue doing all things good
Yet you had me heartbroken a time or two
I want you despite all the possibilities things can go wrong
You make me cry tears of joy
You continue to make my days spontaneous
Yet you've been gone from me for awhile now
You've given me some of the best days as well as some o the worst
Yet I'd HAPPILY open my arms to you time and time again!
You, I can talk about all day
You, I miss dearly
Yet the time may not be right, maybe
That's always an open ended statement
Yet I'll wait for you as long as need be
You are.....................................LOVE!

© 8/23/11

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