Saturday, November 19, 2011


Easy is the path many prefer to journey on
Scared to put in true effort
Constantly wanting instant gratification
They curse the process if it takes too long
What's missed along this journey IS life doesn't always afford you access to Easy Street
Often times you have to cross Hard Lane, Reside on Heartbreak Road and or bottom out on Can I Live Drive!
Trials and Tribulations
Sounds painful and full of defeat
I'm sure
But you'd never truly appreciate the perks of what you received if it was so EASY to obtain
Not all is worth having
Loss is a part of every gain
You know what they "Easy come easy go"
As easy as it was received
Is as easy as it can leave
Put in the work
Endure the process
Lay the foundation
Secure your place
Build on it
Putting your best forward to ensure longevity
Reinvest every so often
Make adjustments when needed



  1. Nice, very nice.

    This type of writing is something that I've never been able to do well; so I have a great appreciation for anyone that can do it well.

  2. What type of writing is that? I appreciate the comments greatly.