Monday, September 17, 2012


Went up and down with it
Through tons of stages with it
Cried over it
Laughed about it
Fought for it
Let it go
Never wanted anything else to do with it
Felt it abandoned me
Didn't know I had it in me
Put it ALL out there
Felt it betrayed me
Lied to me
Mislead me
Destroyed me
Took a break from it
Revamped it
Redirected it
Got lost in it
Gave up on it
Told myself lies about it
So I would forget about it
Even when I thought it would never find me again
It showed up
I welcomed it
Although it never left me
I resisted it
For fear I'd repeat the cycle
I didn't want to be consumed by it
Be in it with the wrong pieces
When it came
It was so natural
Took a leap of faith on it
Smiled about it
Rejoiced in it
Thanked God for it
For He made it possible
Still nervous about it
Moving forward like I should in it
Nothing complicating it
Its love
And it searched for me
Connected with me
Decided it needed me
Chose me
I'm still amazed
It was around me always
Couldn't receive it
Until I cleared the way for it
I would've never seen it
Would've never been open to it
Sadly I could've missed out on it
Blessed it stepped up
Grateful I recognized it
Made a decision to focus solely on it
Now it is mine


This poem is dedicated to someone I'm thankful I had enough wisdom to KNOW God made a clear path for me to see! It couldn't have happened any more natural than it did. It is the best feeling of all!