Saturday, September 22, 2012


Counting down the days until I see you
Two become one
Like we're supposed to do
We've been searching for one another
Had no clue what we'd uncover
Both knew it when "it" was discovered
Couldn't deny it if we tried
Pinching ourselves and rubbing our eyes
A dream we both think we're in
Largely because its somewhere we've never been
KNOWING God is showing up and showing out
Removing all fears and any doubt
We can't explain it and even if we told the world they wouldn't understand
Hard to comprehend God's plan
As mere man
I can put all the words on this paper and many would still miss what's there
Its nothing to compare or grade
For this is the day the LORD has made
A union not to be destroyed
For it will bring glory to His kingdom and He will REJOICE
Blocking all those who oppose
And all those who try to duplicate
Without God you can't have this love
So partner up with the devil and hate
he loves the weak
God made us STRONG!

This poem reflects my heart and state of mind. My whole life I've been in search for many things: love, affection, care, understanding, etc... Its not until you allow God in your life and mature in Christ that you understand you can not have any of these things unless you come to God first! It is through Him all things are possible. We go day in and day out thinking we know what's best for ourselves BUT let me tell you, what God has for you, you couldn't even image, dream or even fathom what His greatness consist of!

Since August 24, 2012 my life has been through a series of "test" and I'm extremely proud of myself for passing them and aligning myself with what God needs/wants me to do. For that he's blessed me and continues to do so.
I can ONLY give God the glory for what He has done because He's the ONLY one who could do it, PERIOD!

Like I stated in the poem many will miss what's there, don't worry if that's you, you're not ready yet. For those who fully understand this poem KNOW its so much wrapped into it, I don't even have to tell you because you connect with it.

For the ONE who this poem is for I'm grateful, blessed and thankful the God in me connected with the God in you. Without God we would have never seen one another.

*If you're focused on who the ONE is vs what this WHOLE post is saying, You missed it, pray you catch it if it comes around again*


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