Thursday, May 27, 2010

Before I get into this story I just want to let you know how pissed off you are going to be both male and female this will make you want to f**k someone up. No real names will be used because u don't know these people the situation is most important anyway.

Lisa and Shawn are couple 1/Michelle and Troy are couple 2-pay attention cause it might get complicated to follow

Both couples have been in a relationship for some time(years). They have had their ups and downs like normal but this new situation is going to destroy some lives possibly end some. Lisa and Troy have been sleeping around on the side for some time(years) meanwhile maintaining there own relationships. Almost a year ago Lisa had a baby and is not 100% that it is Shawn's baby(mommas baby daddy's maybe). There is a possibility that it is Troy's, now Lisa is pregnant again with twins and is telling Troy that the babies are his.The deepness of this situation is that Lisa is not sure who's the baby's father and is going to have said chilren and both men by the balls because neither will know who is the father and if Shawn finds out that Troy is the father murder and mayhiem could happen. Both Lisa and Troy have been caught up in lies and have gotten busted by both of their partners about their relationship and to their partners knowledge they are no longer in dealings with each other so its gonna hit the fan. Now as far as Lisa is concerned its f*cked up on her part as a woman to try and decieve both men like this knowing it could cause a reaction like 9/11(not making fun of 9/11 but just showing you the intensity of what her actions will lead to). Now Lisa is living with Shawn in a mansion like house and is being taken care of well. Shawn is a very nice guy all around and loves Lisa to death literally. Troy and Michelle have no children together but they own 2 properties together. Troy is also a nice guy and was kind of the ugly duckling growing up and never received the attention that Lisa was giving him so he went with the ride. I don't know Michelle personally so I can't speak for her but I know she and Troy got into a physical altercation over Lisa very early on in their relationship. Now Troy is feeling the consequences of his actions because he has no children and he does not want any, he is feeling ashamed because not many people knew(his family) that Lisa was the side chick, He is feeling all the feelings when you know you f*cked up. Lisa on the other hand is cool as a fan because she knows she has these 2 men in her hands but is not thinking of reality. Now both men are friends of mine but as of late Troy and I have been in conference with each and he is looking for help. This is probably the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to him so he is freakin' out.

Now the moral of this story is that there are lots of women out there trying to get a man at any means and cost possible and there are men out there not open to all possiblities of disaster. Not to say all women are bad but these women give us hard loving women a bad name because after this situation men think of women differently and they start dating different races because they feel black women are about some BS. Not to say women in other races are not but I can only speak for mine and what I've seen and what I know first hand. I know many men who are not 100% about the fact if they are the father of a child and from my stand point if you are not sure then you should get a DNA test ASAP. The same for women you know your not sure but you got homie taking care of the child for years and years and then somewhere down the line something happens. You need blood for said child or said child has a mental/rare disease and you don't know where its from and you have to get tested and come to find out he is not the father. Before you get into that situation get a DNA test. Why should the child suffer for an adults mistake or deception.


  1. Wow!! Crazy situation but it's sad that things like this happen so often these days. Like it's the thing to do.