Monday, May 31, 2010


As I sit here and reflect on my many experiences,
I realize that I had no damn business,
doing some of the things I've done.
I'm older now and know the difference between needing and wanting,
Learning takes a lot out of you especially if your flaunting,
like you know a lot.
Honestly we don't know much because we are too busy going through trial and error,
Knowing damn well we know better.
Life is what you make it, you hear it all the time,
Simply going through your ears straight past your mind.
We all wanted to be grown early and do what we wanted to do,
get out of Mama's house some even dropped out of school.
Now looking back you see what an a** you were,
Because you can't find a good job or a damn babysitter.
Life is what you make it we all heard it before,
But a better life, is that what you want for sure.


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