Thursday, May 27, 2010


This may offend some people but I thought it was funny as hell. It just goes to show you how much thought people put into covering up racism and that it is still a big issue. Some time ago at work a co-worker of mine told me a story. He went to a wedding and was having a conversation with a friend. Since we work 3rd shift this friend had a few questions about our clientele. The conversation went a lil something like this:

friend: so since you work 3rd shift do you get a lot of mondays?
co-worker: (perplexed look) yeah like one a week duh.
friend: no I mean black people.
co-worker: (still perplexed look) not really but why are you calling them mondays?
friend: because everyone hates mondays.

So my co-worker came to work and shared this story with me as we talk all the time about various things. I thought it was hiliarious for 1. it shows how small minded the people are in this state, in the world, etc... 2. it shows that racism is still alive and strong. 3. how much thought was put into him coming up with this. 4. he is using double speak, which takes a non common term and sub it for a bad term. and 5. because honestly everyone does hate mondays (the day of the week I mean). So my response was so what are white people Fridays? So the co-worker and I tried a little experiment on another co-worker to see if she would fall into the trap. We both go to her and start a casual conversation and then out of nowhere he says I hate mondays to see if she would say so do I. She didn't fall for it but she also didn't know the meaning behind the story either. So every chance I get I used the term as a joke because it is so damn funny because we are still so much of a threat to people that they are so scared to say what they really mean they have to use coded words. Then recently another co-worker told me about a co-orker of her sisters' whom is black instead of using the 'N' word she calls us Nigels. Now what the hell is that. You ask why the anger a little bit on this story and not the first simply because we understand us as a people. We know our stuggle and for her to fall into the trap shows her weakness. So the moral behind this story is watch out for what people are saying to you because double speak is out there. If anyone has any comments please feel free.


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