Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Struck

You're the love of my life that I'd never thought I'd find
With my very devoted heart I love you deeply
You're always on my mind
You make me feel like that special diamond waiting to shine
When I look into your eyes I'm proud to say you're all mine
I never knew love could be so strong but yet make me feel so weak
When I first laid eyes on you
I was swept off of my feet
I'm so happy you love me and always will
Plus the bond we have and the security you instill
You make me feel whole and bring out the best in me
How could I NOT know?
How could I NOT see?
That there will never be another man for me
You are my life and everything in between
We've done it all and everything has been seen
I love you

©October 1997

I wrote this poem when I was 20 year old mother of a 2 year old. I was involved with a 19 year old young man who I knew was "the one" from the moment I met him. Funny thing is he was definitely "the one" BUT at that time in my life I was not "the one" for him. Now at 33 I fully understand why. Often times we think we're ready for something/someone but if its NOT in the plan laid out for your life TRUST it will be taken from you in some way, shape or form.
When we're 16-25 maybe older depending on your relationship history and when you started to get into the opposite sex we all think we KNOW and UNDERSTAND how we feel in regards to love. What I know love to be now at 33 I was NOT thinking at 20 hell at 17 for that matter. Love was a feeling in that stage and if I felt I felt it, so it was! Many of us have loved or fell in love for some of the stupidest reasons(I see you shaking your head, so am I, LOL). Its funny how I look back at my life and relationships and see so many mistakes. Largely from lack of guidance but the 33 year old m is happy I've had those lessons, learned from many of them, still learning from them and trying to get to a place where the effects of those lessons do not neutralize my emotions from being in a relationship going forward. I also share my experiences to help others because I KNOW I'm not the ONLY one who thought at 17-25 what LOVE really was. I'm sure many of you ready this are shaking your heads, laughing, crying or all three because you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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