Friday, July 15, 2011

IN MEMOMRY OF...............

One the anniversary of your death it on feels like yesterday
That someone felt there was no need for you to stay
For whatever reason they thought you didn't need to exist in this world
Snatched away your life and sadden us all
You will never be forgotten as long as your music plays
You will travel amongst us all as your ashes are pushed by the waves



This piece originally was written for Tupac but reading it again made me think of the countless people I've lost to gun violence. So many here today gone tomorrow damn I just saw them a few days/months/weeks ago stories. Losing someone you love violently is never easy. In the end you have to be real about it though, for instance I'm sad they are not here anymore BUT many whom I know lead a life where death by violence was one of two options. Some started to change or had changed their lives around and were killed. When that happens I believe that God was waiting for you to start the process before he was ready to take you. Taking you was a lesson to those around you sadly many don't pick up on the message. They get deeper into the live and the percentage of dying goes up drastically. Its tragic that in my short life I can create a long list of RIP's due to violence. In memory of those lost I miss you.

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