Friday, July 15, 2011


Its NEVER too late to let go
Its time to drop the past so you can grow
Its time to let go of all the sadness and pain
Because to hold onto it, there is NOTHING to gain
You've held onto it so long
Various situations were derailed from going right to tragically going wrong
Things seem fine and everything appears OK
But before you know it what you've held onto pops up one day
You tell yourself, "This is not going to hold me back, this I know! Its time for me to let it go"
That pep talk fades fast because the emotions are so deeply embedded
One has no idea where they have you headed


I wrote this poem when I was 16 yrs old(17 years ago WOW)! Since then I can tell a story or 3 about how NOT letting go hinders a person. Some of you may be thinking "Damn what was she going through at 16 that she wrote this?" in time I'll tell that story. Back to the subject at hand, letting go is a process no one person can explain HOW its done. Many of us know it needs to be done but often times one doesn't get to the root of what is behind the emotions/situations that they're holding on to. The beginning of letting go is being HONEST, BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself about the situation. Many of us are mad at someone who hurt us, that could be an ex, friend or even a stranger. Those scars are deep in many cases. Take responsibility for your part if any in the situation, in doing so you're letting go some of the anger you've held onto. If you have no responsibility to take then deal with the emotions and remember the one who hurt you is sleeping good, living their life while you're so stuck on what they did you can't sleep, have successful friendships/relationships, always complaining, not being at the full potential in life you should be at, addicted to something suicidal, reckless, always mad/flipping out on people and or going through depression. That's the reality of NOT letting go it will consume you so you may not even realize it has. one's journey of letting go starts with the willingness to change! No one likes change largely because of the work it takes to do so. Change is good because it allows freedom and clarity. I'm NO EXPERT but believe me when I say I KNOW what it feels like. I'm sure I can relate to similar situations many of you have dealt with maybe even worse, it has hindered me for a long time. I've masked a lot of who I am because I didn't want people to see me as damaged or I just pushed it out of my mind and pushed forward. Dragging the weight of that "luggage" will stop you at some point, TRUST ME! Ask yourself do you want it to stop you at the wrong time? If the answer is no dig deep and start the process of change.

Ever met someone you really like and they feel the same way, the possibilities are great and you "sabotage" it or get stuck at a place you can't move forward? You think you're over the ex who broke your heart because you're not thinking of him/her but that hurt has you scared of even trying to see if this person will do you right.

Ever had a friend you distanced yourself from because you weren't ready to deal with your demons? The closer they wanted to get to you the further you pushed them away. Now years later you miss them and realize they were worth having in your life.

Ever quit something because you let your emotions get the best of you? That fear has a hold on you so strong you're comfortable in your situation. Later you look back and see how stupid you were.

Mad at the person you had kids with like everything is their fault. Remember you made a choice in that moment whether it was for love or the sex was that great so putting all the fault on them is unrealistic!!!!!! Trust you had signs before hand that you probably ignored that let you know the person they are now is who they were then but you thought things would be different.

Still holding on to the person who broke your heart, be thankful they are gone! Repair yourself, move on and give someone else the opportunity to love you and allow yourself to love.

In facing the truth you will deal with pain, you'll cry, you'll doubt but in the end you'll let it go and be soooooo much stronger because of it. Granted not many can take this process, some will lose the battle, strength does not come easy.

Letting go isn't easy but as long as you don't give up you will win, eventually. Time heals all wounds, but that length of time is crucial. Don't take too long, you can miss many great things along the way.

A key tip I'm learning is to talk it out, release it from your system. It helps.

Thank you for allowing me to share, your welcome in advance if this helps you and I thank you for helping me!

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  1. Wow, I REALLY needed to hear this! Words like "Luggage" and "Sabotage" are all too familiar w/ me. Thx so much for bringing so many good points to light! This will be a read that I actually will come back to in moments of weakness! God bless you!!