Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Some of you can relate to this and some of you can't but I just want to break it down for you. When dealing with a man who has children prior to dealing with you be careful of the baby momma. There are some good women out there who are on good terms with their baby daddy/father of their kid(s) and for that matter call the men by the proper term "my child’s father", I am not talking to you. Only women who have issues with their baby daddy are called such, baby mama, this is directed towards you. Speaking from personal experience I have dealt with a man who has children outside of the children we have. Unfortunately I know the women who had these children (that's another story and not the moral of this one) I was never their friend or anything close to them just know each other from living in the same neighborhood and being in the same age group. My problem is when women use these children as a weapon against these men. I'm not saying don't get involved with these men all I'm saying is just be prepared to check the woman if you have to and don't be afraid of what your man thinks. I had to do that a few times and it was well deserved. Simply because this woman still has feelings for him whether they are because he broke her heart or because she was jealous of his new relationship/kids is far from my concern because I don't give a damn but as a woman I know the feelings are there. She tried to be my friend by putting the child in the middle and I had to check her. She acted as if I didn't know their past from #1 being there and #2 seeing her actions. So her coming at me with BS was a no go. I just wanted to vent a little bit because I'm tired of women dwelling on relationships that did not work especially where children are involved. Just because the parents don't work out you don't have to brainwash the kids that their father isn’t sh*t. Just focus on being the best parent you can be and your child’s well being. All the energy you’re putting into tearing him down your child is losing out. So the moral of the story is check a b*tch if she needs to be checked. You don't have to like each other just respect each other as women we got enough problems to deal with and make sure your man backs you up in how you feel if the BM starts flipping.


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