Monday, October 10, 2011


I know you hurt every time you close your eyes
You weren't there to save him or say your last goodbyes
The sorrow in your eyes makes my heart ache
Why couldn't his life be traded, for they could have taken his place
As much as I wish he was here for your sake
We can't bring him back
And that's the sad reality we face
He's watching over you always
Saying I'm always here for you
I have your back
I know you hurt every time you close your eyes
You think of him and the actions behind his demise
The cruelty and disregard they had for him
Makes you want to get revenge and kill them
You have to release that anger an hurt you have
If you don't, you'll never move on
You'll be stuck in the past
All things happen for a reason
In time you'll understand
At that point you'll release that pain


I wrote this after someone close to me lost the closet person to them. I watched this person mourn wishing there was something more I could do. I was saddened by what they were going through. One day they told me "If not for you I wouldn't have made it through, thank you for being my friend." Those words were all I needed to erase my sadness and if what I did eased his pain I was his blessing & that was all the thanks I needed. You never know how one will be when they lose someone, you don't know how to comfort hem or what to say. There is no rule book but if you are sincere in your efforts just being there is a huge part of their healing process. A friend like that is hard to come by.

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