Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Things can NEVER be the same way they used to be between us
Sometimes I look at you in TOTAL DISGUST
For what you put me through
When all was crumbling around me I said "I NEED YOU"
Your response was "I HAVE MY OWN ISSUES"
We were friends above all else
I was there for you when you needed my help
I KNEW things weren't going right with your situation
I asked you to come home
You neglected what we had as if it was nothing which made me feel ALONE
I gave all I had
I gave all I didn't have
I gave all my effort to make us last
The same wasn't given in return
Which in the long run I DID learn
We weren't on the same page
Our goals were different
When you came home you tried to get things to make sense
It was too late things had changed


Sometimes one's absence makes the heart & mind realize what you thought you felt was all wrong. You see what you chose not to see or could not see while they were in your presence.

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