Saturday, June 12, 2010


"I don't want to waste your time" is what was said
What part are you missing?
Why can't you get it through your head?
I don't like you in any way, shape or form
So why drag this on?
You're a nice guy but I just don't feel like dealing
You think I'm mad because you didn't give me any sexual healing
I can manage that on my own
Didn't need your assistance to hear me moan
When I tried to tell you in a nice way to leave me alone
Your ego wouldn't let it rest
Pounding on your chest saying "I am man hear me roar"
I stuffed a rag in your mouth saying "KILL that noise"
I had to switch characters on you
Seemed that's the only way I could get through
It worked for awhile mostly because we rarely crossed paths
But when you did see me it reactivated your battery, gave you the feeling I was what you had to have
Felt you had to address it
Once again I said
DON'T stress it
LEAVE it be
Gave a final threat to F*UCK off or this is going to get ugly
Don't try me
because unleashed I'm detrimental
I'm warning you NOW this is not a war you want to get into!


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