Friday, June 4, 2010


We've shared something very special
A part of my world I let you enter
I've given I've given it to you under certain conditions
I don't want to be hurt becauseI've opened myself up to you
I don't want to be used because that's what people do
Things from here on will definitely change
There will no longer familiar looks but those that are strange
Maybe I'm scared, terrified, paranoid all in one
I don't regret how I feel or my decision
I just hope this wasn't all done for fun
I have so many mixed feelings
I don't know what to do
I just don't want to be hurt or for me to hurt you
I'm rambling on I don't know what to say
My feelings are all over all I can do is pray
If GOD sent you to love me then I have to
I'm just usure as to what to do
I'm so mixed up inside
I need a break
Somewhere to hide
2 days, a week I'm not sure how long to take
Let's breathe
Just go with the flow


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