Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That day is coming around again
The day began not realizing it would also all end
It was a moment boiling for some time
A moment ignored but always a constant on our mind
This day it boiled over and all was lost
Selfishness ruled at any cost
Tears and pain lasted many a day
I still kick myself for not telling you to stay
We're so far gone not sure if there is a point of return
Do you start over intentionally forgetting what you've learned?
To have a fresh start
How does your heart forget?
The great times and the bad
The day we said "F*ck what we had!"
That day is coming around again
Ironically its the day before Independence Day
We looked at each other one last time and couldn't muster up any words
For this day we got our "freedom"
Doubted it the whole way
But pride wouldn't let me say "We made a mistake"
I turned to walk away
Wanted to scream & shout "STAY"
But I closed my eyes wiped my tears and walked away
Don't know why, I've asked myself multiple times
Destroyed my heart
Lost a part of me
Divided the family
A constant reminder
Of what we are not what we thought we would be..........



  1. If people are meant to be together, I think they will find a way to live with the good and bad things that happen in a relationship. Just keep the lines of communication open and I'm sure all of the pieces will fall into place.

  2. Nicely put Susie, this was may way to verbalize what I felt. Always thought it but makes sense in words.