Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sometimes I see you and get excited
then there are times like "What have I started?"
at times its not fair to you to be in this situation
but what can I do when these feelings are part of your creation
so what becomes of this experience
do you learn from it or continue to make the same mistake
do you change things around to make a difference
or do you end the chapter and start anew
can you honestly walk away and let things remain the same
I think your heart is too locked in to end the game
sometimes you get too deep
when its really not that serious
because there is only me and you there is no US
don't get me wrong I do like you and feel some way towards you
But things could never escalate and your dreams can't come true
Before you get too deep evaluate the situation
double check the equation
and you will end with a conclusion


(story behind the poem in short about 2 friends who take there relationship to another level and one goes too far and the other takes it for what it is, a fling. I'd love to here fed back and any experiences similiar to this. Which person do you think plays each role male(thinks its just a fling or takes it too far) or female?)

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