Friday, June 4, 2010


In the event I shall not see another tomorrow
Please don't cry or feel any sorrow
I'm still here in spirit
Just open up your mind
I'm there
You'll feel it
My time was valued by those who loved me
Just because I'm not in front of you doesn't mean you don't see
My child (ren) will share all that I was
Because through her (them) you'll still feel my love
I shall leave behind a few things to get you through this time
My poetry
Will keep me close to you forever
I'm at the parties, weddings, and all weather
For I am the sun to your bright days
The rain in  your dismay
The snow in your overload
I'm the arm you'll feel when it's cold
So when i leave
Don't get upset
I've had my time
See you soon


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