Sunday, April 18, 2010


In my New York the MTA stands for Might Take All day
Always running but not at your pace
Shuttle bus on the weekends
Something always out of place
In my New York we move to a different beat
Slick talking, hustle always on
Fast paced, we rock to a different song
Some hoods are crazy and some suburbs low key
Compared to where you’re from nothing is like my city
In my New York the lingo is bananas
From Queens Brooklyn the Bronx to Manhattan
We can’t forget the Island of Staten
I love this city no matter how far I go away
From the culture in Harlem, the Latin flavor in the Bronx to the beaches of Far Rockaway
This is my city all day everyday
In my New York “The Melting Pot” it is
Many places to go: South Street Seaport, the Deuce, City Island, Chelsea Piers
So many landmarks you have no idea
Come to my city just once if you’ve never been
We have our problems like any other city every now and then
In my New York there is a parade for almost any and everything
Gay Pride, Thanksgiving, St. Pat’s, Puerto Rican and West Indian Day and a lot in between
In my New York crooked cops get away with a lot
Abner Louima, Sean Bell 50 shots
Many days never forgotten
The Blackout of 2003, 9/11, the miracle on the Hudson, and when the Yankees win the World Series
In my New York
The city that NEVER sleeps

LMJ ©2007


  1. I love this! Over the past few summers, my school has been invited to take some of our female students to New York, and glimpses of our experiences are reflected in your poem. I marvel at the variety of dialects and quick pace of downtown. Where da hell everybody going? (: It's a lot to take in for us Southerns. However, I appreciate the fact that we have not encountered the sterotypes of New York. Although the people seem to move with great haste, they are polite and helpful. And, God, Harlem is an essay onto itself. Ah, thanks for giving life to my memories of your vivacious city.

  2. You are very welcome Ms. M. Hudson & thank you for taking time to read my poetry. New York is definitely a WOW place for those just experiencing.