Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When you say you need me to be okay
You give me strength to make the next day
When I get fed up, stressed out, scared and want it to be over
You become that friend I need, your shoulder becomes my shoulder
You try to give me all I need because you believe I deserve it
You give me strength to hang in there and not quit
Whenever I question my happiness or ask when will I get all I desire
You put me on a pedestal
So high that things you say to me make me feel no one else can get higher
You give me strength to be a survivor
I am the happiest woman alive
Because you love me unconditionally

(This poem originally had a different meaning and was longer but as I was typing I got a different perspective of what this meant. You know you always hear people say God spoke to me, well I won't say I heard him but as I read this poem back to myself I felt the need to cut it off there because I felt thats who this poem should praise instead. I felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as I redirected my emotion from MAN to GOD. I had a moment!)


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